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Tenerife Sparkling Meth. Champenoise WHITE TR3VEJOS

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DO: Abona.
Variety: Listán blanco 

Capacity: 75 cl. 
Vintage: 2017.

Much of the success of this great wine project is based on this sparkling wine, loaded with know-how, good work and enthusiasm. With Listán grapes grown in Vilaflor at around 1,300 meters of altitude, the winery does a great job of totally artisan winemaking and with a small initial production of around 1,000 bottles, but with signs of being successful and large in the near future. Discreet aromas of fresh strawberry with some salty hints, hints of the sea; very clean and fresh. Its mouth is like a book, where the carbonic melts and passes through your mouth very gently. Integrated, tasty, long and personal. Of course a product to follow.

Your dance partners
Be sure to try it with a traditional dish of rabbit onions from Tenerife.

Some curiosity
The enthusiasm, passion and investment of its Canarian owners joins here with the wisdom and experience of Josep María Pujol-Busquets, winemaker and owner of Alta Alella wineries in Catalonia, who applies all his know-how to this sparkling wine.

Alcoholic Grade: 12.5% vol
Residual Sugars: <3 gr / l
Total Acidity: 4.2 gr / l (in tartaric acid)
PH: 3.6