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Tenerife wine White Vintage VIÑATIGO

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DO: Orotava Valley- Tenerife.
Variety: GUAL
Capacity: 75 cl. Vintage: 2020.

Viñátigo Gual it's a came produced by Bodegas Viñátigo. The store is located on the outskirts of La Guancha, northwest of Tenerife, where it brings together eight vineyard plots at different heights and volcanic soils. The work philosophy is oriented towards a sustainable agriculture and an elaboration that seeks the expression of the native varietiess of the island through a very respectful intervention in the store.


100% Gual from Finca San Juan Degollado and Finca Mazapé, located 160 meters and 150 meters above sea level, respectively. Non-grafted loam plantations.


Manual venidimia in the middle of August. 50% of the wine ferments in stainless steel tanks and the other 50% in egg-shaped concrete tanks, both with temperature control. All the wines from the winery are fermented with native yeasts, they do not use clarifiers of animal origin and the addition of sulphites before bottling is minimal.

Tasting note

Viñátigo Gual It has a high aromatic intensity, including smoked meats, jasmine, melon and tropical pineapple. Intense, extraordinarily unctuous, glyceric and persistent.

Alcohol: 13% vol
Total Acidity = 4 gr / l (in tartaric acid)
PH = 3.5
Reducing Sugars = <2 gr / l.